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Mason Proper

- Olly Oxen Free


Olly Oxen Free Mason Proper’s sophomore release will fasten to your mind with fine threaded screws and sharp barbed hooks. Co-produced by the band and Chris Coady, it’s better than a three handled mussed covered family credeeenza. Coady, known for work with TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blonde Redhead, helps the quintet apprehend anything hiding in the corners. Every song is multilayered fascination with trickles and dissolutions of sonic arrangements and lyrical amalgamations. Jonathan Visger has great dynamics with his vocals, never redundant with his deliveries. Fog begins the passage into hide and seek game while the second track takes us from Point A to Point B with happy misfortune. In the Mirror is an eerie refrain for the whole album utilizing creepy detuned guitar riffs. Shiny is a fast projectile that leaves contrails reminiscent of Pixies. Olly Oxen Free makes it safe to come out from hiding. -While Lee All tracks are suitable for radio play Notable Tracks: 1. Fog, 3. Lock and Key, 4. Only a Moment, 8. Shiny

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