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Lois Deloatch

Hymn to Freedom: A Tribute to Oscar Peterson


Lois Deloatch’s Hymn to Freedom is a tribute album to pianist/vocalist Oscar Peterson who passed in 2006. This classy jazz vocal album and Lois has a very soulful voice with depth and she does an excellent job of balancing it. She starts off with Down by the Riverside(1) which is an old gospel hymn and Moanin’(2) which was nicely done. Next is Honeysuckle Rose (3) a nice rendition of a Jazz classic and with the guitar and bass solo adding a nice flavor, this is one of my favorites on the album. Also another favorite is the Jazz standard “The Very Thought of You” (track 4) that Lois displays her vocal depth and understanding of how it should be done. Lois went on the sing “Hymn to Freedom” (6) which sounds like a gospel anthem, as well as a rendition of Auld Lang Syne(track 10). This is a very delightful, thoughtful jazz album as should be with a tribute album. I thought that at times though that some of the slow tunes kind of dragged on like on “My One and Only Love” (7) and “Stardust” but over all; this is a nicely done album.-Corey Jones

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