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I think it's safe to say that the once aspiring R&B/Folk/Pop singer Colbie Caillat (rhymes with Ballet) has officially arrived with her debut album titled Coco. The album - named after a childhood nickname that has stuck with her - is characterized by memorable songs of irresistible warmth that draw on a vast and rich array of influences. After a less then auspicious start to her career - being unsigned she became just another artist posting her songs to Myspace with little initial success - the one post that did catch on was the song "Bubbly." It's a song about the joys of being in love and the 'bubbly' feelings that soon arise. A nice sound that is probably worth the attention and 14 million plays it's received on Myspace alone. Nevertheless, to the credit of Caillat and her writing partner Jason Reeves, this isn't the best song here. In fact, as this release shows throughout, Caillat has a knack for creating catchy songs with melodious hooks and this recording is filled with them! The opening track "Oxygen" is a heart-felt melody that gets the album off to a good start. "One Fine Wire" is especially pleasing to the ear and showcases the Sade like quality of her voice. The ukulele driven and Hawaiian influenced, "Tied Down," provides the listener with yet another sound albeit with Caillat's now familiar voice. Honestly, there's not a bad song here as Caillat seems to breath life into even the songs with less than stellar lyrics. For a great and inspiring sound that breathe life, Colbie Caillat may be just the pick-me-up you need. Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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