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The Submarine


"I want this more than life," sings the Australian artist Whitley on the track "More Than Life" - a melancholy and beautiful song that is arguably the best sounding track on his debut album - The Submarine. It's also a song begging to be played across the airwaves and used in a host of other places as well. Some have characterized this release from the Australian artist as a mixture of country, folk, with a few electronic elements thrown in. The result is a folktronic sound that is both fresh and interesting and definitely well worth the listen. Hailing from Melbourne, Whitley claims that the title of this - his first album - is taken from the cult movie The Life Aquatic and the search for marine life that may or may not exist. Regardless of influences, what Whitley has produced for his listening audience is an incredibly mature sound that seems well beyond his age (He's only twenty-two!). While best portrayed on the title track but mixed throughout the recording, the most appealing and unique aspect to Whitley's sound are the electronic elements. In no way overdoing it, Whitley mixes just enough synthesizers with the more standard acoustic set, which allows him to create a sound all his own. Other outstanding songs on this collection include "Lost in Time," a song about regret as portrayed in the lyrics, "All I could have been / All I should have been/ Is lost in time, " as well as the opener "The Life I keep." The final track, the banjo-driven "Cheap Clothes," proves a perfect end to a nearly perfect collection of songs. If folktronic is your thing, you won't regret giving Whitley a few spins. Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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