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TV On The Radio

– Dear Science


Groovy and funky, but also fuzzy and dreamy, even orchestral at times. Dissimilar instruments as brass and sax vs. synths and sampling are sonic quirks that work. Up tempo “Halfway House” (Track #1) is a rock song with a prevalent synth line. “Stork & Owl” (Track #4) could be either a lovely ballad or soothing lullaby; the percussion and plucky strings play like the rhythmic workings of a clock. “Family Tree” (Track #6) was on repeat a few times: it has stirring strings and piano notes that echo -it builds up nicely then lingers hauntingly. “Love Dog” (Track #8) is a tender song with sax and strings and a infectious cooing. “DLZ” (Track #10) bobs and weaves with a dance beat even as its rhymes chastise; this was on repeat a lot too, and its groove should get your body moving. - Michael Loffelman No play Track #7

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