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Joseph Arthur and The Lonely Astronauts

- Temporary People


Joseph Arthur was the first American artist signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World label in the mid-90s. Originally from Ohio, this visual artist/musician now calls Brooklyn the home of his Museum of Modern Arthur exhibition space. After several albums and having toured with the likes of Ben Harper and REM, Mr. Arthur added back-up band The Lonely Astronauts in 2006. This is a nice rock album, featuring Arthur’s raspy vocals, well-written songs and lots of organ and harmonica. The choir-like backing vocals give some songs such as “Heart’s A Soldier” a gospel-like feel. There are also some good raunchy rockers such as, “Dead Savior” and “Winter Blades”. I also have to mention “Dream is Longer Than the Night”. Its muted vocals and weighty guitars make it one of the highlights of the album. There’s also a pleasant rocker called “Drive” toward the end. - Rebecca Ruth

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