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Shawn Lee / Various

- Under the Sun


This two-disc set is the soundtrack to the film of the same name. The film is about the surf scene in two communities on Australia’s east coast. The first disc features Aussie musician Shawn Lee and except for the first song is all instrumental. These surf-inspired songs are all good, be they at times funky or mellow with a cool groove. The use of harmonica in many of them lends a refreshing retro feel. The second disc features a collective of musicians from various Australian bands. It may be slightly more serene, but is just as compelling as the first disc. The second and third songs on disc two, “Dylans Wings” and “Sol Train” could be considered blues/rock as they feature vocals and some funky electric guitar. They are quite different from the other songs, yet they still fit in nicely. This disc is all around a really good listen. I loved it. - Rebecca Ruth

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