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Ane Brun – Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the Seasons


Filled with delicate, pretty notes; arrangement of various strings, guitar, piano, and chiming percussion establish a backdrop becoming of Brun's substantial voice. She sounds sprite like, with a slight tremble in her delivery. Yet she sings with spirit, which gives her vocals an appreciable vulnerability and uniqueness, even power. Brun flits around some notes and flicks her voice at others, and uses unexpected pitch to great effect. Best examples include “The Fall” (Track #2), “The Puzzle” (Track #3), “Ten Seconds” (Track #5), and “Don't Leave” (Track #12). Bluesy “Round Table Conference” (Track #10) and folksy “Gillian” (Track #11) are tunes that should find extra appeal. Michael Loffelman

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