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AMP FIDDLER/ SLY & ROBBIE INSPIRATION INFORMATION Detroit’s own Joseph “Amp” Fiddler is a soulful singer, songwriter, producer & keyboardist from the Detroit area. Amp spent 11 years as a member of George Clintons Parliament & Funkadelic and on this his third solo release he joins up with Jamaica’s Sly & Robbie to produce a CD that combines laid back soul with a very definite splash of reggae. This CD mixes politics with hope, inspiration & and a universal message that we all must live together with love & be happy in this world if we are going to last. One of the most political tracks is Backhouse (Paint the White House Black), 3 guesses who Amp is supporting for president. The Track “Be Alright” reminds us with all the issues of today’s world if we all pull together things will be alright. Most of this CD is laidback soul at it’s finest. Recorded in only 2 days in Kingston Jamaica Sly & Robbie prove once again prove that they are both great musicians & producers. Inspiration Information should inspire us all to make the world a better place. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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