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Live At Montreux 1991 & 1992


TORI AMOS LIVE AT MONTEROUX This disc is a historical look back to the beginning of Tori’s illustrious career. The first disc recorded at the Montreux jazz festival in 1991 is 6 months prior to her groundbreaking and in my opinion best release Little Earthquakes. This is solo Tori alone with her at this time almost innocent vocals & a grand piano. After listening to this concert it is easy to understand why the recording industry was willing to take a chance on this young musician that was so expressive of her life in these songs. You can sense that Tori still had a little uncertainty in her vocals during this show & even forgets some of her own words in the Happy Phantom. The second half of this disc was recoded at the same place one year later. By this time Tori was realizing the success of her Little Earthquakes release & you could see her confidence and vocal talents grow. Most tracks on this release can be found on the Little Earthquakes disc along with well done covers of Zeppelin’s “Thank-You” & Nirvanas “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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