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Now or Heaven


While some might conclude that The Broken West’s 2nd album Now or Heaven is a bit of a downer in comparison to their first release, nevertheless from a purely sound standpoint, their latest offering seems to wear better with time. Beginning with the catchy and electronically influenced Gwen, Now and Then, the recording gets off to a very listenable start. Lead vocalist and principle songwriter, Ross Flournoy credits the Beatles as one of his influences, which probably comes through no clearer than on the piano laced track Auctioneer. Midway through the album, the first single and perhaps the best song on the album, Perfect Games is found. It’s a catchy track that demands repeated listens. Other tracks worth a spin include the less happy and yet beautifully crafted Elm City along with the final track Embassy Row. One of the principle joys of listening to Now or Heaven is the diverse and eclectic feel coupled with the medodius hooks throughout. On the whole, it’s a recording that demands repeated listening despite its overall bent towards dark, dank, and dreary days. ~Review by Jeff Bouma *Note: Track # 6 House of Lies is not FCC compliant due to language.

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