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Rattlin' Bones


Kasey takes up with husband and fellow Australian singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson to make a decidedly country duet record. Looks like we have the Aussie version of Buddy and Julie Miller, with a little Gillian Welch and David Rawlings thrown in for good measure. Don't look for jangly Kasey Chambers up-tempo numbers; these are mainly harmonic, and often sorrow-tinged tunes, with glimpses of hope for the future. The duo's in fine vocal form and sound great together. Kasey has most of the lead vocals, but Shane's ever-present with the harmony; the exception is "Jackson Hole," one of two up-tempo number in the set ("Devil's Inside" is the other). Highlights are "Once in a While," "One More Year," The House that Never Was," "Wildflower" and "Woe is Mine" -- but some programmers will miss the wider variety of musical pace that Kasey's solo discs provide. 08/08 MJVD F-Alt Country

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