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DTB celebrates its 20th year making a unique brand of delightful folk-rock-reggae-cajun music with a great set of Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear tunes. DTB has traditionally paced their records this way, alternating Tara’s catchy three-minute slice-of-life numbers with Jeb’s longer, bigger topic song-poems (with a few exceptions along the way). Tara fares a little better this time around, with all of her songs hitting her intended irresistible musical target (e.g. “Temporary Misery,” “Locket and Key,” “I Don’t Need a Riddle”); Jeb has a few hits (“Tomorrow Still Knows,” “The Call” and the rollicking “Forty Days and Forty Nights”) and misses (“Biggie K,” “Blue Eyes”). All in all, “Silverlined” is a welcome addition to this summer of music, in my opinion the band’s best since 1998’s “Rockin’ in the Weary Land.” 07/08 MJVD F-Rock

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