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Jeff Coffin is a saxophonist and a member of The Flecktones. He calls his band a "mu'tet" as opposed to a quintet, etc. because the musicians are constantly changing (or mutating...get it?). This is an album of contemporary jazz. It features some guests you may have heard of, including Roy "Futureman" Wooten on drums and Kofi Burbridge on keys and flute. "Al's Greens" offers the trading bass solos of Felix Pastorius and Victor Wooten. The upbeat "Bubble Up" features Bela Fleck on banjo. The New Orleans-style "Move Your Rug" has an entire guest horn section featured prominently. Native instruments give my favorite, "L'Esperance" a North African feel. Make sure you check out the reggae styling of the hidden ninth track, too. Reviewed by Rebecca Ruth.

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