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David Ford

Songs For The Road


This is the second album for David Ford. There's no denying that Mr. Ford is one cynical, creative, dramatic fellow. He depends more on the emotional side of the listener in order to strike a chord. His songs contain glimpses of brilliant lyrics, like, "So you can keep your belief in whatever / And I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo." However, some of the melodies recycle, and some of the lyrics fall flat. He's no Jeff Buckley, as some would compare him to. Track #1 Go to Hell is a quintessential break-up song and is like balm for a tortured soul. Track #4 Nobody Tells Me What to Do is like an indie rocker's Miss Independent (by Kelly Clarkson). It's musically upbeat compared to the other tracks on the album. Track #6 is a powerful song about shaky faith and extreme cynicism backed by a single guitar, then builds up to a rock opera level. He sings, "I won't scream down St. Peter, if he don't let me in." And it's too bad that track #8 Requiem is a No-Play, because it's AMAZING! The last song, track #9 Song for the Road is a lovely piano ballad, strangely simultaneously cynical and romantic. "Now I don't lightly use words like forever/but I will love you till the end of today." ~Renae O.

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