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G. Love

The Hustle


Philadelphia native Garrett Dutton is better known to music fans as G. Love, a persona he’s adopted to deliver urban acoustic funk and blues.

Along with his band Special Sauce, G. Love has released five albums in a 10 year career. With 1999’s Philadelphonic, he decided to cover “Rodeo Clowns” a song written by surfer/songwriter Jack Johnson. Jack was yet to get his big break, but once he did, he channeled his success into Brushfire Records, a label he’s used to promote the music and films of himself and his friends.

G Love’s latest album, The Hustle, is his first for Brushfire. The Brushfire roster (G Love, Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter) is now out on tour, and headed to Chicago and Detroit in early September.

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