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Chip Fundy

Chip Fundy


(Adlib Style Review) These guys are bringing a new (adj.) sound to the local music scene and its as refreshing (adj.) as a cold can of Faygo Orange soda (your favorite beverage). I felt as though I was out to sea (place) with some pirates (animals) and we were all boozing (verb) while doing the polka (dance). You will be pleasantly surprised (condition) when you hear instruments like banjo, dobro, organ, and violin (instruments). Its if there is an A side (noun) and a B side (n,) with a defining sound change toward the second half, it slows (verb) down a bit and I found myself running (verb) the “B side” on repeat. There is an international (adj.) feel here with esoteric (adj.) composition and superb (adj.) lyrics. - LaRae

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