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In naming his new album after instant noodle inventor Momofuku Ando, Elvis Costello may be suggesting parallels to the project’s simple recipe and quick completion. While whimsical and easy to digest, Momofuku is anything but hot-plate dorm grub (though its initially pressing is on old-fashioned platters, vinyl lovers will be thrilled to learn). Costello has crafted a batch of substantial, personal, clever, melodic songs that fit comfortably alongside his most serious work. Only this isn’t his most serious work. A sense of glee permeates every track. The opening No Hiding Place is a stomper with a wicked guitar line, while the raucous American Gangster Time could be an outtake from This Year's Model, propelled by some wonderful new wave-'60s organ from Steve Neive. The journey concludes with Go Away, a subtle little rave-up/kiss-off rocker built around a deliriously static drum and organ roll that recalls the 1960s single 96 Tears. It's the kind of melody that will stick in your brain for days. – Joe Parsaca

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