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Peter Moren

The Last Tycoon


Peter Moren is the Peter of the Swedish group Peter, Bjorn & John. He wrote most of these songs while touring with PB&J, and recorded them over a 2 year span. It is a decidedly down-tempo CD, very folksy, and quiet. The CD has a "distinctly homemade feel that feeds from the folk singer-songwriter tradition but still incorporates strings, synths, vibraphones, percussion, a musical saw, and even a drum machine or two." Try track #9 Social Competence or track #6 My Match. Some interesting tidbits, "The album's title comes from the Elia Kazan film of the same name - an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished final novel. The film, like the novel, deals with failure: a failed attempt to live the American dream, basically." - Renae

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