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The Raconteurs

Consolers of The Lonely


In a year of many surprises from some of rock’s biggest names (Radiohead releasing their own album, NIN releasing a instrumental album online, many small ‘Indie’ bands finally signing with majors), The Raconteurs release their album with no prior advertising or radio or print promotions in order to curb early leaks that Jack White encountered with the last White Stripes album. But fret not, this Raconteurs album is just as good, if not better then their debut album. It’s not even much White Stripes material. There’s enough rock and blues to satisfy any White Stripes fan, but there’s so much more that this album offers including various vocalists (other than White), and heartfelt songs that are catchy without being annoying. This is a stellar album! Go buy it now!!! Check out tracks 1 “Consoler Of The Lonely”, track 2 “Salute Your Solutions”, track 6 “Hold Up”, track 10 “Attention”, and track 14 “Carolina Drama”. - Lane Zoerhof

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