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Ultraviolet Hippopatomus

Songs For The Reaper


An alighting trip from the very beginning of Songs For The Reaper, a experience of a soulful, blues, bluegrass, rocking jamband from north coast Big Rapids, MI. Ultraviolet Hippopotamus (UV Hippo) deliver their self arranged, produced and recorded effort. Guest starring musicians from local bands Greensky Bluegrass, Rootstand, and Lonesome Jane. Unavailing instrumental bliss with 'Dusty's Trumpet'. Creating an absence for time and space throughout the 'E.M.D (Electro molecular Displacement)'. Don't forget to turn into 'The Woods' for a lil' surprise around each and every corner of this 10 minute grave robbing jam! Waking up the dead for wombat dancing tales for trails along in a jamband kind of world. Uv Hippo's: Songs For The Reaper will someday be a classic among fans and friend, that's if it already isn't

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