The Flowbs

Grazing Like The Elephants


The Flowbs are good time rock and roll from Michigan’s Salad Bowl. The trio’s primary focus is music and its magical powers. The long going motto that they live by is love it, respect it, and enjoy it. love the game! The whole idea of taking the band seriously came about when Eric and Kurt didn’t get chosen in the 2004 NBA draft. They had just come off of a dominant high school intramural championship, and were hoping to catch the tail end of the second round. Unfortunately, the draft was full of dominant big men such as Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor, and Andris Biedrins. For that reason they were never selected by a team. Kurt and Eric then teamed up with Eric’s younger brother Luke the fox. Together they are unbeatable on the court and are unbelievable as a rock band. – Publicity "This Hudsonville band makes music that stradles growling indie-rock, liltering power pop and, well, basically basketball. Unique and infinitely listenable." -Grand Rapids Press

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