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The Waybacks



The Waybacks play country. Kind of. You see, the band mix their version of country with a lot of different things (primarily blues), and it works really well. Take for example, “Low Down”, which is a blues song by almost any definition of the genre. But listen to the solos in the song. Which instruments play them? Gritty electric guitar. Fiddle. Hammond Organ. One could go back and forth as to which of these instruments are blues instruments or not, but the fact remains that they make the song into else entirely. And it’s great. This isn’t to say that the band don’t occasionally play country unfiltered. They do. And when they do, it’s more than just good, it’s funny. “Conjugal Visit” is probably the best of the country material on this album, and the lyrics seem quite tongue in cheek, almost like satirical take on the characters who typically populate country songs. Or perhaps it’s not satirical it all. In either case, the song is excellent, and that’s about all I can say for the album as well. - Adam Goran

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