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The Belleville Outfit



*A mix of swing, jazz, Blues, gypsy and roots* “Every couple of years, a group of acoustic musicians hits Austin and wins over an audience hungry for an eclectic musical mix. Like the Greencards and Hot Club of Cowtown before them, the Belleville Outfit possesses seemingly unlimited potential and youthful musical chops to awe the most jaded ears. Formed from the ashes of the DesChamps Band of Spartanburg, S.C., Outfit is led by guitarist Marshall Hood and singer-songwriter and guitarist Rob Teter. Their secret weapon is fiddle player Phoebe Hunt, whose spunky vocal turns make their sound unique. With "belle ville" being French for "beautiful town," the now local sextet claims their name is a nod to New Orleans, the town where they all first met. It's appropriate then that they swing from jazz to new grass, taking on a broad swath of American music with obvious glee. Add a couple of lovingly done Walter Hyatt covers, and the Belleville Outfit has crafted a captivating debut.” – The Austin Chronicle

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