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Mia Doi Todd



Mia Doi Todd is one of those artists who I’m familiar with more for her collaborations with artists like Saul Williams and Dntel than for her any of her solo work. So although Gea is Mia’s sixth album, it’s the first one for me. The first track is actually two songs, River of Life and The Yes Song, although they might as well be one, as the separate sections are largely indistinguishable from one another. Actually, a river is quite a good metaphor for Gea as a whole; it flows lazily from point to point, not really concerned with where it’s going. Sometimes, it hits on something truly wonderful (“In The End”, “Sleepless Nights”), and sometimes it simply meanders (“Old World New World”, “Kokoro”). Gea might be one of those albums that grows on the listener every time it comes on, and in the album’s defense, it did leave me wanting to listen to it again. But not right now. I guess that’s a polite way of saying “intrigued, but underwhelmed.” Adam Goran All “4.5/5 stars”

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