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Lili Haydn

Place Between Places


Place Between Places is an album anchored primarily by Lil Haydn’s ethereal voice, but the songs on the album are best when they’re done in a more conventional style. Take “Unfolding Grace” a gravely determined song that could easily be referred to as a tragic ballad, depending on the person who listens to it. While there’s nothing really wrong with the song, it ultimately leaves the listener feeling restless, wanting something more. I think the problem with some of the material on the album comes with the use of the string instruments. When Lil Haydn uses them in more upbeat, poppy songs (like in “Strawberry Street”), they really help to make the song come alive. When she uses them as centerpieces, such as in songs like “The Last Serenade”, they sound flat and uninteresting, like worn out Old-World folk renditions that have long since lost their relevance. Of course, if you like strings, my guess is none of this will matter much to you. Personally, Place Between Places leaves me wanting to hear a whole album’s worth of material in the vein of “Strawberry Street.” – Adam Goran

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