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Seventh Tree


My first exposure to Goldfrapp was an indirect one: the band were featured as a crucial plot element in the film Hard Candy, and the climax of this aspect of the film leads the main character to exclaim: “I @#&!ing hate Goldfrapp.” There. The stage is now set for you to experience my thoughts on Seventh Tree. Goldfrapp’s previous albums have been very dance-oriented, but this is not the case with Seventh Tree, an album that seems to be a cross between Zero 7, easy listening and production trickery. This is not music that will make people flock to the dance floor, although it sometimes sounds like it could, if it wanted to (in songs like Happiness, Caravan Girl and A & E). A & E, unsurprisingly the album’s first single, is the best song on here, as it’s the only that one that moves forward from beginning to end. This isn’t to say that the rest of the album is bad, but it’s mostly motionless, functioning better as background music than anything else. All told, I’m not sure what Seventh Tree adds up to, but it’s definitely something worth listening to more than once to find out. – Adam Goran

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