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Chatham County Line



What do Godsmack, Cypress Hill, Led Zeppelin, Winger, Faust, Veruca Salt and Chatham County Line all have in common? They’ve all released albums entitled IV. Of course, Chatham County Line are way more of a roots band than the others on that list, playing a mix of bluegrass and country on IV, an album that’s so-familiar sounding, it’ll keep you wondering if you’ve heard it before. A quick rundown: it’s got the forlorn love ballad (The Carolinian), the breezy, everything’s-all-good song (Let It Rock), the sad political song (Birmingham Jail) and the uber-typical bluegrass hoedown (Clear Blue Sky). None of this means that IV is a bad album (it isn’t), but how much you enjoy it is going to depend on how heavily you gravitate towards music like this. – Adam Goran

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