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Warm in the Wake

American Prehistoric


Who knew the word prehistoric could be so melodic. Well it can, and so the title track about materialism is itself primed for mass consumption, sporting that feel good, hypnotic post rock quality that seems to be driving all the hip commercials these days. The spending spree sensation, that serotonin rush, continues with the rest of the hallucinogenic album, with its pop hooks and disembodied vocals. Best examples: the drones and fizzles of “Pawn Shop Heart”, the driving rhythm and crooning refrain of “She'd Never Seen It”, and the psychedelic “Reelin'”. The second half of the album is more earthbound, “Dark Gypsy Moth” is the transitional track, and the remaining southern rock features jangling guitars and piano, especially “Devil with a Fist”, “Antique Knives”, and “DNA”. Also noteworthy is track #2: dreamy “Airport Girl” is the early come down before the cosmic whirling of the first tracks really get underway. - Michael Loffelman

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