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The Dirtbombs

We Have You Surrounded


The Dirtbombs are a rock n' roll band based in metro Detroit, Michigan, notable for blending diverse influences such as garage rock, punk rock and soul while featuring a dual bass guitar, dual drum and guitar lineup. With 10 years in the running We Have You Surrounded is The Dirtbombs fourth full length record. We Have You Surrounded is an album broadly focused on the theme of urban paranoia! A true take on armageddon with all the abandon of a conspiriracy therorist living off the grid. Through these tracks you'll be unaware of the twisting tales across the pure gritty essence of time and space. That is if space is even their for The Dirtbombs on Race to the Bottom (track 11) Two cover songs were recorded for We Have you Surrounded. The first being the new wave song "Sherlock Holmes", originaly by the band Sparks from the album Angst in My Pants (1982).[3]. The second cover was of the song "Fire in the Western World" by the garage rock band Dead Moon. – Joe Parsaca

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