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Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures

Dream Garden


Adam Rudolph, originally from Chicago, is a hand drummer/ percussionist. Known as one of the early innovators of what is now called “world music”, he has been on the creative scene since 1979. He has been involved with various percussion groups, most notably, his percussion ensemble Vashti. He has also collaborated with legendary multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef and the late jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, among others. This disc starts out strong with the percussion-laden piece “Oshogbo”. The horn-driven melody of this piece is reminiscent of jazz great Don Ellis’ trumpet-centered pieces. Another accessible track is #3 “Twilight Lake”. This composition is almost other-worldly and mellow, as is track #8 (one of my favorites) “A Vision of Pure Delight”. Track#5 “Happiness Road”, with its various native instruments, has an African/jungle flavor. The track I favor most (besides the first track and track #8) is track #14 “Walking the Curve”. This piece is probably the most listenable with its lounge-like Latin feel. An interesting, but complicated piece is #4 “Scintilla”. This is more of a free-form piece with the thumb piano keeping the beat and the woodwinds and strings coming in short, quiet bursts. - Rebecca Behrens, WYCE Music Review Committee

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