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Real Animal


Escovedo's ninth release and the second since he made a triumphant comeback from death's door (due to hepatitis C), is a joy-filled reflection on his musical career, with buddy Chuck Prophet on board as co-songwriter and band mate helping A.E. tell his rock 'n roll story. The record starts with a bang, as the first four cuts rock out with an early Los Lobos feel. A.E. settles into some slower reminiscences after that, with two exceptions -- a punk-style tribute to one of his rock idols, Iggy Pop ("Real as an Animal") and a rock-beat reminder of his early rock days ("Chip 'n' Tony"). "Chelsea" refers to his time hanging out with infamous punksters Sid and Nancy. This guy's been around! After thinking of A.E. as a brooding but brilliant musician, I liked hearing this side of him -- enjoying the music and the musicians he's met along the way. Standout tracks: "Always a Friend," "Sister Lost Soul" and "Swallows of San Juan." 06/08 MJVD F-Rock

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