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The Odd Couple


I was hoping that Gnarls’ Dangermouse and Cee-Lo would take it to the next level with this follow-up to the groundbreaking St. Elsewhere album. They didn’t. More songs about monsters, murder and heartache swirled with Dangermouse’s amazing production abilities. Many listeners like the sense of déjà vu, I just had high expectations for something new. I am fond of the fact tht I didn’t find another “Crazy” hit pop song here.. "We make music for people who really love music, and I don't think those people are sitting around waiting for us to make one song that they like," says Danger Mouse (Brian Burton). "That's not what we do." What they do is mesh sounds and concepts that are an alternative to just about anything else on the market. Danger Mouse's psychedelic blend of retro soul, pop and punk playfully underpins Cee-Lo's cryptic musings. Reviewed By LaRae WYCE Programmer

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