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The Seldom Seen Kid


This is the fourth studio album from this Manchester, UK group. Lead singer, Guy Garvey's vocals sometimes sound like Peter Gabriel. But, except for the quiet track 6, "Weather To Fly", this does not sound like a Peter Gabriel album. If I had to compare this band to another, I'd have to say they sound like Montreal's The Dears. The lyrics here are exceptional. These songs tell stories of love and loss or sometimes offer simple narratives such as track 8, "The Fix", which was co-written by Richard Hawley. Other songs to mention are tracks 3, "Mirrorball", and 10 "One Day Like This". Both of these are sweet love songs with uplifting lyrics and lush string arrangements. Track 4, "Grounds For Divorce", is an uptempo delta blues stomp, disguising the sad nature of the song. In short, this is a very good album. It is well-produced and the writing is superb. Reviewed by Rebecca Ruth

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