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Only As the Day is Long


From playing guitar, drums, and even harmonica to singing and writing, this Seattle resident knows how to make music. On this, her second release, Sera wrote some beautiful melodies and she sings them hauntingly in an almost alto voice. That voice is paired nicely with banjo and harmonica on the title track. The slow fifth track, "Shitty Hotel" features nice harmonies and some well-played pedal steel guitar. It probably shouldn't be played on the air, though, due to the word "shitty" in the lyrics. The seventh track, "The Colder the Air", offers pedal steel as well as fiddle and vocals with some effects on them, making it nice and lush. This album ends with the acoustic "Seven Hours Later". It's a nice quiet song with some banjo and tambourine thrown in toward the end. Reviewed by Rebecca Ruth

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