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Honeysuckle Weeks


This is the second album for this indie pop duo. The lyrics throughout are full of heartache, love, and reconciliation. That should probably be expected, since the duo is also a couple who fell in love, broke up, and then reconciled before writing and recording this album in their East L.A. garage/studio. Most of the songs on this album are sung with feminine sweetness by Blake Hazard, particularly the last track, "Brightest Hour". She also adds her sweet vocals to the xylophone and electric piano of the Feist-like sixth track, "Swimming Pool". The third song, "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie" rocks a bit with hand-claps and electric guitar. The reggae-sounding fourth track, "1940" is a dubbed-out mish-mash, complete with string arrangements by guest Eric Gorgain and performed by The Section Quartet...and it works! Reviewed by Rebecca Ruth

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