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Holding Back the Dawn


Jake Bergevin blazed onto the Seattle jazz scene with his hyphenated singer-trumpeter style a few years back. Bergevin takes that intimate approach that can only be enjoyed completely with a nice deep red wine that makes you feel oh-so romantic. A great jazz newcomer ,Bergevin takes the soft road with a smoky mood reminiscent of Frank Sinatra himself, oddly with shades of Elvis Costello. Interesting to enjoy the self-accompaniment here and a pleasant surprise. "Holding Back the Dawn" is a romantic gesture with a strong backing group. Highlights include "The Girl with No Regret" and "Coming all Undone" – though it narrowly escapes being a cover of the Duran Duran hit "Come Undone," though maybe that was his point. This reviewer is not a huge fan of the crooners, but this is nice. The vocals are more part of the overall ambiance than the showcase. -- Daniel Graeber

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