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3 Na Massa

3 Na Massa


The only other review I could find on this album compares it to early Jane Fonda a la Barbarella, Fellini movies and drools over the "lush musings of a smoky-voiced Brazilian siren cooing in Portuguese." Me-oww! This reminded me a lot of an early afternoon combing through the racks of Banana Republic, with the cool bop playing in the background over, yes, some smoky-voiced Brazilian siren cooing in Portuguese. It was sort of like Portishead, but a bit more slutty and in a foreign language. That's probably the best comparison, really. If you like Portishead etc this may be worth checking out. Had its high points and low points, though. The first track, "Certeza" (both "certainly" in Portuguese and a brand of tequila for those on the look out for sexual innuendos) is the hook of the album by far. The name of the band here, to add fuel to the sexual overtones, means "three in the dough" or Portuguese slang for something that makes your mouth water. Overall a good album, but maybe fell a little flat on repetition by the half-way mark. A helluva debut though, I'll give it that. 3 Na Massa takes hold of you like one too many martinis on a first date well on its way past second base. - Daniel Graeber

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