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The Good Life


Poor guy. Son of Steve Earle and named after Townes Van Zandt. Doomed. And he was, early on, mirroring his dad's early flame out. But what we have here is personal, not political. Self-effacing, not self-aggrandizing. And amid all the famous people he's supposed to be, or to emulate, one reviewer mentions Hoagy Carmichael, the great jazz pianist and songwriter -- and I like that analogy here. Not because the songs are jazz-related, but because JTE's languid delivery of these mostly alt-country tunes bring Hoagy to my mind and ears (in fact, the bouncy "South Georgia" really cements the image). The record company touts the early songs of this set ("Who Am I to Say" does sound like the old man), but I think the record gets better as it progresses, with some gems near the finale. Well done, son. 03/08 MJVD F-Alt Country

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