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The New Crystal Silence


Not much can be said about either Chick Corea or Gary Burton that hasn't already been said, so we'll just cut to the chase. Chick Corea has been mentioned in the same breath as other jazz pianists, such as Herbie Hancock. Gary Burton in his own right stands among the best vibraphonists of all time. Fans will not be disappointed with this dual CD. The first CD features the duet playing choice selections from the 1971 album Crystal Silence accompanied by the Sydney Symphony. This recording is the opening performance and, if you appreciate the symphony, you'll appreciate this. The second CD is just the two legends having a conversation. They've been playing together for going on 40 years now and listening to the two play is like, well, listening to two legends play. The camaraderie shines through. The New Crystal Silence is a nice addition from two jazz greats. -- Daniel J. Graeber

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