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On her seventh disc Sheryl Crow reasserts her assured pop and rock chops leaving behind the contemplative takes on love that marked 2005’s Wildflower disc and had a number of her fans hitting the disc skip button. This disc is considerably more upbeat even as she steers through the many potholes that have appeared in her path in the ensuing years including a bout with cancer, documented to chilling effect on "Make it Go Away", and a highly public end to her relationship with cyclist Lance Armstrong which gets a pointed reference in "Diamond Ring". While she pleas for help with love on the title track, reaffirms its value on "Love Is All There Is" and bemoans unrequited love on "Drunk with the Thought of You" she moves beyond matters of the heart for the rest of the disc and vents her disgust at what she sees around her as she rips into the Bush administration on "God Bless This Mess" and celebrates the departure of its head henchman, Karl Rove, on the funky "Now That You’re Gone". Elsewhere she laments the state of the world, "Shine over Babylon", and turns dark lyrics about living on the edge of despair into a polished pop gem, "Love is Free". "Motivation" is a slam at silver spoon kids that recalls her sunniest pop hits while "Out of Our Heads" is an urgent call for people to feel as much as they think. Overall, this is a solid release with tough and timely lyrics and musicianship that should catch the ear of even those that have trouble getting past Crow’s mainstream commercial success. Smitty

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