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Separated by a couple of decades from their big 80’s hits "And We Danced" and "All You Zombies" the Hooters are back with a disc that deftly seasons their pop hooks and rock riffs with rootsy mandolins and an accordion. Exhibiting the lyrical and musical chops that not only fueled their own hits but "Time after Time" for Cyndi Lauper and "What if God (was one of us?)" for Joan Osborne, there’s something here for almost everyone. "I’m Alive" is a pop gem about living without regrets, while the folksy, acoustic "Until I Find You Again" and a piano driven cover of Don Henley’s classic, "The Boys of Summer", flip the coin and bemoan lost opportunities. "Morning Buzz" and "Catch of the Day" both have an upbeat Irish lilt that makes them toe tapping good. Switching gears yet again, the title track, "Where the Wind May Blow" and the un-credited 11th track, "White Jeans", are timeless, punchy rockers. Surviving the passage of time, and tying everything together, the Hooter’s harmonies consistently hit that sweet spot that made a career for CS&N as best evidenced on the reflective "Ordinary Lives". Smitty

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