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Listening to a Paul Thorn disc is always a well rewarded adventure. Ignoring the straight folks who don’t add much to the discussion, Thorn focuses his efforts on the quirky characters that are the spice of life. In his world, you wonder why your neighbor gets nailed by a car while you’re on your porch sipping sweet tea, "I’m Still Here", and homecoming queens don’t go on to fame and fortune but, instead, end up stranded in dead end relationships and have to find fulfillment through extra-curricular activities, "Lucky 7 Ranch". In the meantime, flat tires don’t end with a call to AAA but instead lead to temptation with the farmer’s daughter and a story for the wife, "Long Way From Tupelo". When he’s not exploring quirky characters or odd situations he becomes reflective and notes he would give it all up for "A Woman to Love". He also takes a soft jab at religion noting that even though everyone’s reading from the same book, it takes their lives in drastically different directions, "All About People". Just to make sure he isn’t in trouble for some of his salacious thoughts such as on the saucy "Starvin’ For Your Kisses", Thorn dips deep into a gospel groove for a number that would fit neatly on a Blind Boys of Alabama disc, "What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up?" Fueled by rock, blues, gospel and R & B, the 12 cuts collected here are a delight from start to finish. Smitty

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