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Spirit If...


Broken Social Scene’s founding member Kevin Drew takes advantage of the BSS brand with this solo debut. Spirit If…feels like a continuation of Broken Social Scene’s 2005 self-titled release, and with 23 guests on the album (most from BSS) I felt like I was listening to a BSS album. The solo essence is still there however, with Drew credited on all songwriting and carrying lead vocals on almost every track. Playing with the idea of starts and stops, the album begins with an end and ends with a beginning. Some lyrics are frustratingly obtuse, some tracks are merely organized chaos, but when you get passed that, the album does have its moments. Spirit If… began to grow on me after a few listens. Every track tells a bit of the story and are full of emotion. Try the tracks, “Bodhi Sappy Weekend,” “Backed Out On The…” (featuring Dinosaur Jr.). “Broke Me Up,” and “Safety Bricks” (even without Feist on the track, it still sounds like a leftover from her album The Reminder.) Feist is featured on tracks, “Farewell To The Pressure Kids,” “TBTF,” and “Aging Faces/Losing Places” and “Bodhi Sappy Weekend.” FCC: #2 “TBTF” is an acyronym for “Too Beautiful To F**k” #3 “F**ked Up Kid” is obviously not clean #5 “Lucky Ones” says “motherf**ker” #7 “Gang Bang Suicide” says “f**king” Reviewed by LaRae WYCE Programmer

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