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Here's To Being Here


Jason Collett Here’s To Being Here This is the fourth solo release by Collett, member of the Toronto-indie rock collective, Broken Social Scene. This album shows more of his folk/pop side with messy indie rock blended in. Some interesting instruments appear on this album with laser-synth, glockenspiel and harmonica accenting the warmly melodic vocals of Collett (whose voice I found reminiscent of a young Tom Petty or even Mr. Dylan.) Try tracks #2 “Sorry Lori” (light n’ groovy), #3 “Out Of Time” (a lil’ more rockin’), #4 “Papercut Hearts” (due to be the first single), and #6 “Charlyn, Angel of Kensington” (a chilled-out conga/melodica track) Reviewed by LaRae WYCE Programmer

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