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Don't you feel like trying something new? Joe Jackson's latest effort, "Rain," is a welcome new album amid a sadly dismal set of choices in today's music. Jackson went on a brief hiatus from contemporary music in the late 1990's to explore instrumental and classical work, but he's been making a return as of late. "Rain" took a few listens to really get into, but it's one of those records that stick to you after you leave it on repeat in the background. I tuned into one his latest albums, "Volume 4," but never really gave it a fair shot. This is Joe Jackson being Joe Jackson, which is a good thing. The opening track, "Invisible Man," stands out, but that doesn't negate the rest of the album. "A Place in the Rain" seems to find a pleasant spot in my head for the afternoon too. If you're wondering what ever happened to the guy who brought us "Steppin' Out" and "Breaking Us in Two," this is worth checking out. -Daniel J. Graeber

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