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Unfamiliar Faces


Matt Costa's "Unfamiliar Faces" runs the gamut of the usual singer/songwriter record. With backing band in tow, Mr. Costa does the usual straightforward "Acoustic Melody Pop" made popular by television shows like The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy. Sounding vocally like the male version of Erin McKeown, Matt glides over the "once again overlooked" talented backing band. I don't understand why there are so many records popping up named after the front man, while the more talented backing band is left to be identified only in the liner notes. With all twelve tracks sounding equally bland, it's hard to find a standout track here. If I were forced to choose, the opening track "Mr. Pitiful" would be my pick. With its herky-jerky piano beat, "Mr. Pitiful" provides just enough entertainment to keep the toes tapping. With another boring, yet well produced record added to the mountain of "popular" music, maybe "Mr. Pitiful" should not only be the opening track, but the title track as well.--Tim Warren

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