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Just a Little Lovin'


From the second you heard the opening of "Your Lies" from her 1999 "I Am Shelby Lynne" release, the comparisons to '60s rock-soul icon Dusty Springfield began. So it is no surprise that, nine years later, Lynne does an entire album tribute to Dusty. What is surprising, however, is that Lynne doesn't try to sound like her idol at all; in fact, she transforms the nine remakes in this set into her own (track #9 is the only Lynne original, and the content sounds like pure Dusty). Outstanding musicianship helps a lot. Lynne stays away from the orchestral arrangements of the originals and goes with an understated quartet throughout. The drum/guitar opening on the title track is a killer, as are Lynne's lyrical pauses. Other highlights are "You Don't Have to Say" (#3), "Willie and Laura Mae Jones" (#7) and Randy Newman's "I Don't Want to Hear It" (#8). Tributes usually lag behind the originals; this one complements and at times even surpasses the classic inspiration. 01/08 MJVD R-Pop

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