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District Line


Veteran rocker Bob Mould (Husker Du, Sugar) reflects on his life, muses about love, and tells stories of twisted relationships in District Line. “Growing old, it’s hard to be the angry young man,” Mould sings. Yet he can still bring the heat in a song like “Stupid Now.” Most songs carry a desire for connection covered by an urge to stay at a distance, either through flight from reality (“Shelter me, keep me from reality”) or expectations of loneliness, pain, and regret in relationships. Even attempts at language of connection use off-putting, violent imagery: “I can’t do without having you around. If it’s very temporary, tell me now. Just to please you, I’d blow my brains out.” The CD at times exposes Mould’s work in dance music, but mostly carries a similar guitar sound and consistent beat. —MLG

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