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Back Flipping Forward


Will Dailey has the distinction of being the first artist to be signed to the new CBS label. "Back Flipping Forward" also has the usual sound of what you'd expect a band to sound like when its only named after one person. Mr. Dailey strums his acoustic guitar and sings while the talented backing band is overlooked. This album has that kind of familiar style you would expect to hear at the nearest Starbucks. In fact, I'm a little surprised that Will didn't follow in the footsteps of Sir Paul McCartney and sign to the Starbucks record label. "Back Flipping Forward" would look right at home between the scones and lattes on top of the counter with a hand written note from the barista telling you it's their pick of the week. The stand out track here is "Hollywood Hills". With its Jazz shuffle and modern chorus, "Hollywood Hills" is the only song that isn't predictable. The single is sure to be "Boom" with is catchy, but oh so annoying chorus of "boom boom boom boom boom boom booooom boom". Musically "Back Flipping Forwards" is a good album, its just songs like this have been done a million times before, and it would be nice if artists would start pushing the envelope. Maybe even just a little bit.--Tim Warren

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